Well, this is something really unexpected and absolutely insulting!

One of the biggest companies, Starbucks, did something outrageous! They think that meddling in politics is a smart idea. Guess what, Starbucks? You just lost millions of customers by pulling this idiocy.

As reported by Liberty Writers News:

“Ohhhhh man! I cannot stand Starbucks. Why the hell can companies not realize that people like them for their PRODUCT and do NOT want their freaking political opinions?!”

Apparently, the company thinks that it’d be great to replace their holyday themed cups with political themed ones by going with a brand-new pro-Hillary cup! This is just one huge middle finger to Donald Trump!

This is how their new “Shared Values” cup looks like, which is named after Hillary Clinton’s own “Stronger Together” campaign slogan…




And here’s what people think of it:






Source: www.supremepatriot.com