It’s become like an unwritten rule that those who have the most problems with police think that arguing with a police officer is a great idea.

After a video surfaced on the internet, a police officer at the University of Central Florida is under investigation. He was forced to smash the car’s window after the driver refused to follow his orders and started rolling the window up on his hands.

The incident took place on September 4th on the UCF campus.

The video was filmed by UCF Police Officer Timothy Isaacs’s lapel camera. It shows that he pulls over Victoria King for a broken brake light. King, who was 25 at the time, said the car was her mother’s, and she did not have the vehicle’s registration card.

After she refused to roll down her window all the way, she was asked to step out of the car. She refuses to do so, asking the officer what law said that she must obey those orders. Isaacs told her she was being detained for a traffic infraction, and warned her he would break the window if she didn’t comply.

After Isaac put his hand on the top of the window, which was rolled down about a quarter of the way, King started to roll up the window on his hand, prompting him to shatter the car window.

The best part is probably when she shouts that the laws don’t apply to her because Obama is President.

King replied that thanks to Obama, she doesn’t need to do what a cop says, and she began to roll up her window – as reported by Conservative Post.

Turns out that having a black President won’t save you from being arrested.