You can say that Trump’s supporters got “burned” by Saturday Night Live quite a few times. And the SNL isn’t trying to be discreet with their jokes at all, as they openly called them white supremacists a few months ago.

But, last night they decided to go more subtle by having Tom Hanks put on a red “Make America Great Again” cap and a graying goatee to play Doug, a Trump-supporting guest on Black Jeopardy. The episode of Black Jeopardy was hosted by Kenan Thompson as Darnell Hayes, and even though it looked like it’d going to be a blunt mocking of Trump’s supporters at every turn, it actually turned out that conspiracy theorist Doug had a lot more in common with the other contestants—Leslie Jones as Shanice and Sasheer Zamata as Keeley—than most people would have likely expected.

While Dough was answering the questions about the upcoming election and life in general correctly, the contestants realized that they have similar views on several issues.

Well, it was all good and Hayes even goes over to Doug to shake his hand at one point, until the final category comes up on the board—“Lives That Matter.” “It was good while it lasted, Doug,” Hayes says.