Maybe you’ve noticed that the difference between the ‘bombshell’ things released about Trump and those revealed about Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is quite big.

The worst thing that Democrats can dig up about Trump is irrelevant crass words uttered behind closed doors. But, when it comes to Hillary and Obama, those dup up things are far worse concerning ACTIONS, not words.

Recently Milo Yiannopoulos published a video on his Facebook page of Barack Obama that quickly went viral. The footage looks 100% authentic, and no one has disputed the authenticity yet.

The video is from the 2008 campaign, and shows Obama on his campaign plane surrounded by what are presumably female staff and female reporters. Nothing unusual you would think, right? Right, except the fact that the president clearly has an erection and does nothing to hide it.

The video is right below and is a bit graphic:

While the worst thing that Trump is accused of are some thoughtless words, the list of things that Democrats have done wrong is endless, starting with stealing money, selling national secrets of influence, arming and funding terrorists and so on.