We are thrilled to announce that Donald Trump is the new U.S President!

The joy of having Satan’s spawn defeated cannot be described with words! Hillary, you mass murdering animal: start getting used to wearing orange, because your beautiful orange jumpsuit is being tailored!

This is not only Trump’s victory! This is a victory for all the Americans and all the nations that were bombed and destroyed by Clinton’s clan!

Even though Trump’s victory was predicted as soon as he announced his candidacy and WikiLeaks started publishing Hillary’s dirty underwear, today we can officially celebrate the victory over the one who desperately tried everything just to crawl into the White House.

Ladies and gentlemen, the “deplorables” are in the House ready to smite the corrupt political elite.

Today we celebrate the triumph over the hatred, bigotry and extreme deception of the mentally ill democrats! We celebrate the defeat of the deep corruption, CHEATING, lying, rigged polls, rigged news, rigged FBI decisions and more.

As of today, the American people are taking their country back!

As written in the article People are TAKING AMERICA BACK from the lawless, corrupt, incompetent criminals running Washington and the media, by Mark Addams:

“Today We the People are taking America back from the lawless, corrupt, incompetent criminals running Washington and the lying leftist media.

We’re going to start by rejecting Hillary Clinton and the entire corrupt political class, most of whom belong in prison, not in high office.

Next, we’re going to reverse the completely idiotic policies, executive orders and regulations of the lunatic leftists who have been running American into the ground for the last eight years. This effort is going to begin by completely repealing the disastrous, unconstitutional, ill-conceived health care fiasco known as “Obamacare.”

Even while that’s happening, we’re going to turn off the lying leftist media and stop watching their state-run propaganda parading around as news. All the “fake news” organizations — Associated Presstitutes, Reuters, CNN, MSNBC and the Huffington Post — are going to find themselves plummeting in audience size as informed people reject the deep media corruption that has been on raw display during the 2016 election.”

Mr. Addams also predicted the market crash that happened right after the elections. He wrote that “If Trump wins, the stocks take an instant dive, reflecting the fact that corrupt Wall Street banksters realize their money making scams are going to end under Trump. After some strong government intervention, they will recover and just barely hold together until Trump is inaugurated in January of 2017. After that, it’s economic doomsday as the central banks deliberately crash the system to blame Trump and call for his impeachment.”

Trump’s victory is all thanks to YOU! He didn’t need dead people to vote for him, because he knew he gained all the trust he needed from the living ones!

One milestone is achieved; the second one is yet to be, and that is to throw the death-breathing monster where it belongs. We truly hope that our new President will bring the justice and we can all sleep well.

Source: www.naturalnews.com