To be honest, no one took Trump serious when he announced his presidential candidacy. But, to everyone’s surprise, here he is as the 45th American President.

Before the elections, he was under constant attacks and insults by his opponents, mainly because of something he has said years ago. Still, whether you like it or not, Trump is our president now, and he is a man who always speaks his mind.

In an interview with Stuart Varney, while he still ran for president, Trump told us how he would handle people who leave this country to join ISIS.

“If they want to go out and fight for ISIS, I think that’s fine, but they are not coming back into this country if I become president.”

He also expressed his concerns regarding the fact that these people could go off to fight for ISIS and come back to the country, no question asked, under Obama’s presidency. He proclaimed that things will change to the core under his administration if he is to be elected.

While talking about how Brittan is handling the terror issue, Varney mentioned proposals that include closing mosques. Trump said that he’d do the same if it looks to be a cover-up for terrorists.

Is it the right thing to ban these people from entering the country again, or does it mean that their rights are being infringed?