On Tuesday morning, the presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a change on how the U.S. handles the terror threat of the Islamic State:

“Crooked Hillary has been fighting ISIS, or whatever she has been doing, for years. Now she has new ideas. It is time for change” tweeted Trump on his Tweeter account.

After the series of incidents including the planted bombs in New York and New Jersey over the weekend and a stabbing in Minnesota, he blamed Clinton and Obama for refusing to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism” and accused them for actually creating terrorist all over the world.

“Today, Hillary Clinton showed again that she will say anything — and blame anyone — to shift attention away from the weakness she showed as Secretary of State,” he stated on Monday, adding that terrorists are “hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes President so that they can continue their savagery and murder.”

He vowed to “bring an end to these senseless acts of violence” and blamed the White House for the incidents, whose spokesman referred to the battle against the Islamic State as a “narrative fight.”

“They are wrong to say that we’re in a fight about ‘narratives,’” Trump said. “These terrorists pose an existential threat to our country, our values, and our way of life.”

Source: www.politico.com