The Nostradamus from The Balkans – this is how the world refers to the blind prophetess, also known as grandma Vangja.

Grandma Vangja foresaw that “Barak Obama will be the last American President”, and today this is the main headline in numerous foreign media.

Daily Mail reminds us that grandma Vangja foresaw the World Trade Center attack in 2001, as well as the reinforcement of the Islamic State.

Namely, she also foresaw that the 44th American President will be of an African American origin, but she wasn’t specific about what she meant when she said that he will be the last American President. The internet site Prophecies writes that Vangja died in 1996 at the age of 85, and that 85% her prophecies turned to be true.

Technically, Obama still holds the presidential power until Trump gives an oath, which is to happen on 20th of January, 2017.

According to Vangja’s prophecy, the 44th American President will be black, and the last one. She also said that from the moment of his entrance in the White House, the world will face a big economic crisis.

Everyone will hope that he will stop [the economic crisis], but it will be the opposite. He will bring the country to the bottom, and the conflict between the North and the South will escalate”  grandma Vangja foresaw. She was also speaking about the messiah, but she didn’t say much about the man who will put an end to the wars and sign a secret truce.

During her lifetime, Vangja foresaw hundreds of prophecies, such as the one about the great Islamic War that was set to start with the Arab Spring in 2010. She also foresaw that the war in Siria will end in 2043 with implementing the Caliphate and that Rome will be its center.

According to her prophecies, Europe will cease to exist next year, that the continent will be almost empty, and that that empty space will barely hold any life. The conspiracy theorists link her gruesome prophecies with ISIS in Europe and Libya.

Grandma Vangja also warned us about the climate changes and the melting of the polar caps.