Over the Halloween weekend 17 people were killed in Chicago and 41 in total were shot!

That makes it over 3,000 people being shot in 2016 in the Windy City. And where is Barack Obama? He still hasn’t given any statement regarding these incidents!

The Halloween incident took place across Chicago between Friday evening and Monday morning.

“Total silence was honor among thieves, not honor among murderers, honor among shooters,” said crisis responder Dawn Valenti. “It’s not normal and I am not going to accept it as normal and nobody should accept it as normal because if we accept it as normal it’s going to continue.”

It is reported that this year alone, 3088 people have been shot and wounded in Chicago, with 578 shot and killed.

This is outrageous!

How can the President keep silent about this? Where is he and his fellow Liberals?

Oh, but wait. We already know what his statement would be: We need more gun control.

No, a new President is what we need! One who’s not from their psychotic Liberal bunch!