We would like to say kudos to Steven Seagal or being an actor who stood up for America when everyone else in Hollywood kept silent.

The past period has been tough; Hillary Clinton collapsed at the 9/11 memorial, then she dared to call called millions of hardworking Americans “deplorable”, NFL players throughout the country have been blatantly disrespecting the American flag and so on…

Apparently, all these events didn’t sit well for Mr. Seagal, so he decided to share a piece of his mind.

“I think the most important job as Secretary of State is ensuring our people don’t get killed” Seagal tweeted. “If you can’t do that…”

“Pneumonia or not, she is going to be disastrous for the American people. #NoToHillary,” he continued.

Expectedly, he became a target of liberal fire for his comments, but he didn’t indulge them by backing off. On the contrary, he was fired up when one of Clinton supporters tried to argue him that Hillary was the most capable for the presidency.

“Capable? Capable of leaving AMERICANS to die. Capable of disregarding law. Capable of disrespecting rape survivors” he shot back.

He also pointed at the race relations in the United States, and the true role President Barack Obama has played in the social evolution of this country.

“Obama has been abysmal for race relations in USA. #TRUTH We need to start having honest dialog” he wrote.

He concluded by pointing out the irony of the attacks he was receiving from liberals everywhere.

“Best thing in the world…Making one statement about freedom and getting attacked by every Demo out there… #HYPOCRITICAL” he tweeted. “An America without a democrat in the White House, is a SAFER America.”

Source: www.viralliberty.com