There is a disturbing report circulating around Kremlin. According to the report, during the meeting that Putin had with the Aerospace Defence Forces (ADF) commanders where he ordered them to accelerate the deployment of at least two more missile attack early warning system satellites, he also warned his military leaders that “If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war”.

Namely, he decided to launch the Angara-class heavy carrier rocket from the Plesetsk Spaceport by the end of December towards the new US president taking office in January, 2017 after Obama activated the Western Front in Romania. Russia warns that this is a direct threat that will reduce Romania to “smoking ruins”.

The report further reads that since Putin has already ordered a Western Front military buildup in January to counter the Obama regimes and NATO’s aggression against the Federation, Kremlin experts warn that there are “no illusions” that Russia is an intended target of this EPAA missile system, especially after the statement made by NATO’s new commander in Europe, US Army General Curtis Scaparrotti. Let’s not forget that this person lied to the press saying that Russia is the real threat.

President Putin was forced to order the MoD to form three new divisions to counter them, because Obama and NATO won’t stop sending troops in Eastern Europe to conduct overtly hostile military maneuvers on the Federation border. [Note: 3 Russian military divisions equal around 40,000 troops.]

Putin fears that if Clinton is elected, a war is practically inevitable because she is a war-hawk adherent to the Permanent War Economy the United States instituted in the closing years of World War II to sustain its global economic power.

On the other hand, we have the American billionaire business tycoon Donald Trump who, according to the Security Council, has a “master plan” to end the absurd wars.

The report continues that no one can know for certain as to hard it will be for Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton.