As his presidential position is coming to an end, president Obama desperately tries to do everything he can in order to look better to the American people. While many of his attempts failed, the last one wasn’t quite glorious as well.

During the press conference that was held on Sunday, he stated on live TV that Trump is “unfit to serve” and “woefully unprepared to do this job.” It is quite ironically to hear something like this from someone who has seen record numbers of mass shootings, illegal immigration, terror attacks, and police murders leading to a racial divide in the United States. It is both funny and sad how unprepared he is for his job considering that he’s been at the presidential position for 8 years.

Ivanka Trump defended her father as any proud daughter would do. On the interview she had with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News, Ivanka silenced everyone who stated that Donald Trump is unprepared to be a president.

Ivanka Trump responded Tuesday night to comments made earlier in the day by President Obama calling her father “unfit to serve” and “woefully unprepared to do this job” in an “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren” exclusive interview, saying that he understands “how to put this country to work.”

“I clearly disagree,” Trump said when asked of her reaction to what Obama told reporters. “I think he’d be an excellent president,” she said, adding, “He understands how to create jobs, and maintain them.”

“He understands how to put this country to work — that makes him very qualified,” she told Van Susteren.
“I look at my father’s own experience in creating jobs, building infrastructure, you know every time he builds a 92-story building, every time he has in the course of his career built a massive skyscraper, that’s unbelievable experience for repairing the dilapidated infrastructure in the country,” she said.

“I think the American people want change,” she told Van Susteren. “They see an outsider that can bring fresh perspective and solutions to the table to bring the country where it needs to go.”

We can see for sure that Donald Trump did an amazing job at raising his daughter, and we’re more than sure that he will be an amazing president just like he is an amazing father.