President Barack Obama thinks that the reason why people don’t like Hilary Clinton is because she is a woman. Yes, because the gender is more important than the fact that this woman is corrupt and has done hideous crimes.

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that sexism is to blame for the tight race for the White House, telling an Ohio crowd that “Hillary Clinton is consistently treated differently than just about any other candidate I see out there.”

Mister President, we assure you that our dislike over Hillary is not because her poor choice of clothes, but because she is the very incarnation of the Devil. She is a corrupt repulsive being that lies, cheats, and is responsible for the death of four people (that we know of), rape-cover-ups (ALLEGEDLY) and so on.

The fact that she has a uterus has nothing to do with our hatred towards her!

Did this “all opposition to Hillary is sexism” narrative come from the DNC? Tht wouldn’t be much of a surprise as in the past two days alone, Time Magazine has run hard with it, the NY Times have jumped aboard the sinking ship HMS Sexism, and now Obama, the sitting President of the USA, is saying “OPPOSING HILLARY IS SEXISM.”

This is just desperate. They really don’t have any cards up their sleeves, so they decided to go with sexism. Classy, just classy. Just like all opposition to Obama was blamed on racism, now they’re going to be blamed or sexism.