One of the many unjust reasons why Donald Trump is labeled ‘racist’ is because he proposed to ban Muslim immigration until the ISIS threat is ended. Obviously, liberals see Islam as a race rather than as a religion, and regardless the fact that many Muslims are actually WHITE, they labeled him racist. Preaching about ending racism, while seeing all Muslims as Arabs is quite ironic.

They twisted his words in a way that it now sounds like Trump wants to ban Muslims once and for all. Let’s look back not so far ago in 1970 when Jimmy Carter restricted Iranian immigration when Iranians held Americans in captivity. If we see this through liberals’ eyes, this is islamohpobia and ‘racist’ as well.

Now, let’s remind the liberals that their beloved president FDR put the Japanese in internment camp.

Trump never said that he will deport Muslims that are already living in the U.S. It’s them who threaten to leave the country if Trump is elected. The video below is from Hillary Daily, where a Muslim woman says exactly that:

It is filmed in Dearborn, Michigan, a place with the highest density of Muslims.

Most Muslims are offended and take the phrase “radical Islam” personal without stopping to think that the phrase is used to distinguish the peaceful Muslims from the lunatics who threaten to end everything that is non-Islamic.

Aren’t they aware that in this country, the hatred towards the Jews is far greater than the one towards the Muslims? And what do the Jews do about that fact? Nothing. Why? Because they are too busy being productive and peaceful instead of spreading even more hatred and tension.