A new manager has just taken over when he was inundated by a group of migrants that demanded to be given extra breaks for praying and washing their feet, but instead of giving them everything they want in a place that is NOT their home, the boos had only 5 words to shut their religious demands up.

Taking example from our European allies, our nation is quickly learning what happens to strong and powerful nations when they leave their borders open for Muslim migrants. That is why, when a new operations manager was promoted into position at the Mendota Heights UPS facility in Minnesota back on June 25, 2014, quickly showed the demanding Muslim workers that he is not their previous boss, and he told them a few words that they hardly ever hear.

The small group of Somali migrants’ first demand was special privilege of extra prayer breaks, but when all of the Muslim workers raised their hands in demand of this privilege, they were told that they would all be replaced, and that they will only have prayer breaks if they quit their jobs.

One of the migrants by the name of Abdifatah Hassan, said, The UPS operations manager held a meeting and asked who wanted to pray,” adding that, “After we raised our hands, he said that he would replace all of us.”

The issue here is that the Muslim workers wanted to be granted special demands, and make frequent pauses during their work hours to go and pray, while receiving the same payment as every other worker at the plantiff, which is unfair.

The boss was accused of being politically incorrect, but in fact, he was doing the right thing by making clear that everyone is equal and nobody is getting the extra benefits. While many of the migrants attempted filing lawsuits and accusations at the manager as well as UPS as a whole, they were quickly cleared and proven right, which of course, indicates that at the end, justice will still prevail against people who use their religion as an excuse to turn our nation into their new home and twist it according to their rules.

Source: usanewsflash.com