A group of Islamic terrorists has taken hostage the British journalist Anthony Lloyd. While being held as a hostage, he was repeatedly tortured and was made to watch his fellow captives get beheaded by the Muslim militants. Luckily, he managed to break free and escape. When he was finally safe and sound, he revealed a terrifying reality about the Obama administration.

As reported by Mad World News, Times reporter Anthony Lloyd and photographer Jack Hill managed to escape from a gang of Syrian rebels in May 2014. Their first attempt failed, and Lloyd was shot twice in his ankle by Hakim Anza, AKA Hakim Abu Jamal. Luckily, the second attempt was a success and Lloyd and Hill were treated in a hospital in Turkey.

But, two years later, while Lloyd was watching a video of U.S. President Barack Obama’s “newest ally in the war against ISIS”, he recognized the face of his kidnapper and torturer. Lloyd reveals that the footage highlighted his Muslim kidnapper, Anza, as one of the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels which Obama’s CIA claims are vetted as “moderates.” Anza was shown celebrating a victory in northern Syria on August 17.

“It was the face of a man I last saw in May 2014 when he leant forward to shoot me twice in the left ankle at almost point-blank range while my hands were tied. It was punishment for having attempted to escape his gang of kidnappers in northern Syria who had hoped to sell me on.

He shot me in the middle of a crowd of onlookers, after a savage preliminary beating, denouncing me as “a CIA spy”. Now, it seems, he works with them” Lloyd claims.

This means that Obama actually gives financial aid to these rebels who are at the same level as the ISIS jihadists he’s pretending to combat. It also means that CIA-vetted rebels are directly involved in the kidnapping and murder of innocent civilians, including U.S. citizens.

As if that wasn’t enough, a video that surfaced last month shows Hakim Anza free and serving in a CIA-vetted Syrian rebel group, First Regiment (al-Fawj al-Awwal), which was receiving US weaponry, including Tow missiles, as well as air strikes in support of their operations. It’s been also discovered that he is probably based in southern Turkey, where he takes orders from the Hawar Kilis Operations room.

Lloyd also revealed that Centcom, the U.S. Central Command, refused to explain how an infamous kidnapper effortlessly passed Obama’s screening process. But, an anonymous Pentagon official admitted that U.S. air support was repeatedly offered to Anza and his men.

These rebels are responsible for hundreds of war crimes including the kidnapping and deliverance of American journalist James Foley. The rebels handed Foley over to ISIS militants as a token of allegiance to the Caliphate and the journalist was later beheaded.

While Bush left “700-or-so” scattered jihadists, Obama managed to increase this number to over 30,000 well-organized militants in 2 countries by 2014.

He is still funding these ’moderate’ rebels and it wouldn’t be so strange if one day we hear that he Is also funding ISIS.

Source: www.muskegonpundit.blogspot.mk