President Obama and the presidential candidate Hilary Clinton intend to increase the number of Syrian refugees allowed in this country without proper vetting.

According to the Democrats it is fine by most Americans to support the mass influx of refugees entering the country, except one Democrat.

On the Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM radio show hosted by Alex Marlow, Democrat strategist Pat Caddell revealed that there are democrats who oppose Hillary’s refugee expansion saying “We’re seeing great opposition even among large numbers of Democrats and Hillary voters against the refugee expansion, which the mainstream media basically doesn’t cover.”

He explained that despite the fact that most Americans and Democrats are against the refugee expansion ‘”It didn’t get a lot of play, or at least coherent play, in the debate. That’s about sixty percent’ opposed to the expansion of the program.”

Listen to his speaking below:

This will never be reported on any liberal media, as they support Hilary and her plan for the refugees.