Apparently, the Black Lives Matter movement believes that if you are not with them, you are against them. A mob of BLM-supporting students were threatening and intimidating a 14-year-old girl in Washington State, just because she didn’t want to participate in their anti-cop protest.

As reports, Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way, WA has been a flashpoint of Black Lives Matter cop-hating activity lately. An incident which took place in the school where a black student attacked two police officers was what started the story.  The black female had been involved in another fight and when officers tried to break it up, she punched and kicked them, even breaking one of the officer’s glasses.

Just because of her skin color, this was regarded as racist for the officers to arrest her for the assault. After the incident, both teachers and students organized a Black Lives Matter day, when everyone was “encouraged” to wear black clothes to school. But, when freshman Ellie Mae Haine showed up to school with normal colored clothing, the torture started.

Ellie though this was a ridiculous idea so she showed up to class in her normal colored clothing.

“We were all pressured into wearing black because it seemed that most of the teachers agreed with this movement. And we couldn’t’ decide whether we should participate or not. And I just went for it and didn’t participate,” said Ellie.

“When it comes down to it, I don’t think it should have anything to do with race. I just thought it was someone who didn’t have enough discipline or respect for authority,” she continued.

Her decision did not sit well with the protesting students:

Tensions between students who supported the Black Lives Matter event and those who did not participate erupted in the days since the initial arrest. It led to a school board meeting, where Ellie spoke, saying: “I still don’t understand why we were told to wear black to show support for this girl who has assaulted police officers more than just last week.”

The next day, Ellie returned to school.

“The day after the school board meeting, I came to school. Everything went well until lunch. We were standing in the hallway outside of the cafeteria – I was with about 15 friends,” said Ellie.

“The girl who had been arrested and who assaulted the cop, she came up to me and started yelling profanities in my face and seemed really angry. Before I had any time to explain myself, a mob of 50-60 angry students came yelling my name. Most of them I didn’t know. My friends pushed me behind them because they saw that this wasn’t good,” she said.

Even though teachers tried to break off the angry mob, Ellie had to be escorted by a police officer.

Her mom came to pick her up and the officer advised that the freshman stay away from school for a couple of days until things calmed down.

So, we have a girl who did absolutely nothing wrong being suspended from school because BLM supporters wanted to beat her, while they and the girl that assaulted the cops get to stay on campus to continue their disgusting behavior.