According to a review done on the professional history of FBI Director James Comey, the Obama cabinet leader is greatly involved in the big-money cronyism culture of Washington, D.C.

Namely, his personal and professional relationships stand for bipartisan concerns that he may have politicized the criminal probe.

All these concerns center on millions of dollars that Comey accepted from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board, and his surprising financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who happens to work at the law firm that is responsible for the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.

In 2013, when Comey was nominated for a FBI director by President Obama, Comey promised the United States Senate that he would recuse himself on all cases involving former employers. Instead, he gained $6 million in one year alone from Lockheed Martin when Lockheed Martin became a Clinton Foundation donor that very year.

For two years, Comey was serving as deputy attorney general under John Ashcroft of the Bush administration. Once he left the Bush administration, he turned directly to Lockheed Martin and became vice president, acting as a general counsel. He made more than $6million in compensation from Lockheed Martin in his last year with the company.

On a side note, Lockheed Martin is a Clinton Foundation donor that admitted to becoming a Clinton Global Initiative member in 2010.

Records show that Lockheed Martin is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, which paid Bill Clinton $250,000 to deliver a speech in 2010. That same year, the company gained 17 approvals for private contracts from the Hillary Clinton State Department.

Comey became a board member, a director, and a Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee member of the London bank HSBC Holdings in 2013.

“Mr. Comey’s appointment will be for an initial three-year term which, subject to re-election by shareholders, will expire at the conclusion of the 2016 Annual General Meeting,” according to HSBC company records.

It’s been known that HSBC Holdings and its various philanthropic branches often partner with the Clinton Foundation like the time when they partnered with Deutsche Bank through the Clinton Foundation to “retrofit 1,500 to 2,500 housing units, primarily in the low- to moderate-income sector” in “New York City.”

“Retrofitting” refers to a Green initiative to conserve energy in commercial housing units. Clinton Foundation records show that the Foundation projected “$1 billion in financing” for this Green initiative to conserve people’s energy in low-income housing units.

Now, Peter Comey is not featured on the DLA Piper website, but he does serve as “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas” for DLA Piper.

For those who are not familiar, DLA Piper is the firm that performed the independent audit of the Clinton Foundation in November during Clinton-World’s first big push to put the email scandal behind them. Their employees represent a major Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign donation bloc and Clinton Foundation donation base. Moreover, DLA Piper ranks #5 on Hillary Clinton’s all-time career Top Contributors list, just ahead of Goldman Sachs.

Also, Peter Comey has a mortgage on his house that is owned by his brother James Comey, the FBI director.Breitbart News obtained Comey’s financial records, showing that he bought a $950,000 house in Vienna, Virginia, in June 2008. He needed a $712,500 mortgage from First Savings Mortgage Corporation.

When James Comey together with his wife stepped in to become Private Party lenders in 2011, they granted a mortgage on the house for $711,000 and according to the financial records, Peter Comey took out two such mortgages from his brother that day. This financial relationship between the Comey brothers began before James Comey’s nomination to become director of the FBI.

DLA Piper refuses to answer whether James Comey and Peter Comey mentioned this mortgage or anything else during the Clinton email investigation.