“We need more and more jobs. Unemployment is way up here,” he said. “He’s hired more employees, more people, than anyone I know in the world.”

Denzel Washington hasn’t been a favorite person among Obama’s supporters for quite some time, after Denzel calling Obama’s agenda ‘anti-Christian”.

He grew up in a Christian family as a son of a preacher and spent most of his time in church, but later became a rebellious teen. After a particular event that Washington wants to call a personal face along with God, he came back in order to the church in his 20s. “I had this particular tremendous physical and spiritual experience.”

The liberal part of Hollywood is shocked by Washington’s devotion to his faith. He angered Obama’s supporters saying that they support Obama’s “anti-Christian agenda.”

That’s why Denzel openly supports Donald Trump’s run for Presidency.

Source: www.supremepatriot.com