Donald Trump has been warning America for months about Hillary Clinton and her attempts for stealing this election. Now it is becoming more and more obvious that Trump was right all along, as reports of votes switching from Trump to Clinton are popping up all over the Republic.

One of these disenfranchised voters went public on twitter and posted a video and posted a video showing what happened to his vote when he tried to record a vote for the Republican candidate … it recorded the vote for the Democrat.

If you’re skeptical, then here’s the video below:

Even though Obama claimed that no Democrat would ever rig an election, he failed to control the voting infrastructure via the Department of Homeland Security because apparently it was possible to rig the election after all and Russian special forces, Trump, Milo and Pepe the Frog are planning to steal this thing from Hillary and the Globalists.

The voter showed on Twitter how the machines changes your vote right before your eyes. Mind you, the fraud that is going on behind the scenes that the public can’t even see.

This is not the only case showing this fraud. A voter from Texas, Amarillo and another one from Dallas reported their votes being changed by the voting machine from Trump to Clinton. Below you can read their statements on their Facebook profiles…