Yes, you read the title right! Politics is a world where the phrase ‘dog eat dog’ shows its meaning in its full glory.

Now, let’s start from the beginning:

As you may know, Hillary’s email scandal case was reopened by the FBI. And, there are many online theories indicating that the recent turn of events points to something much darker.

Many internet investigators have extra time on their hands, and they decide to spend it by digging into the deepest darkest corners of the web. It seems like FBI Director James Comey’s hand may have actually been forced when it comes to the investigation. Knowing that Wikileaks and the famed hacker Kim Dotcom hold Hillary’s 33,000 emails in their hands with an intention to release them publicly, the FBI was forced to make a move, except things got way more interesting as the digging got deeper.

Wikileaks has finally been taken seriously by the media, and presuming who could be revealed in the leak, something had to be done. Long story short, the theoru suggests that several high-ranking officials up to and including Barack Obama are actually involved in Hillary’s little scandal.




Even though it doesn’t seem like it, Hillary is actually the small fish among the rest of the established politicians, and she’s about to find that out the hard way. As a matter of fact, Obama could be the one who is actually pressing the FBI to continue with the investigation.

As reported in Mad World News:

“With the theory picked up by Rush Limbaugh, a recent caller expounded on the belief a bit more, saying that Obama was facing a time crunch. In essence, knowing he would be implicated if the full email leak was made public, it would show his complicity in Hillary’s illegal behavior, meaning that he has a pretty serious bullet to dodge.”




Moreover, knowing how Kim Dotcom told everyone how officials could legally get their hands on Hillary’s emails, this made the reality even more pressing. And as more material comes out, the more Obama realizes that it is time to save his own behind and have Comey come forward and say that they “miraculously” found new emails pertinent to the investigation.