Seems like Hillary Clinton hit a new low out of desperation.

The company that supplied voting machines to 22 states in the United States, Dominion Voting, has also donated to The Clinton Foundation.

Their homepage is easily discoverable, but if you try to do more research on their involvement, you will hit a complete dead end.




Then, if you click on the link that is supporting this information, the link is inactive and doesn’t go anywhere.




Are they trying to cover their tracks? Obviously, this way Hillary is trying to avoid another scandal of hers from getting out.

What’s worse, Dominion Voting slogan is “Together with our customers, we strive to change elections for the better!”

“Change elections for the better” or change elections for Hillary Clinton?

There’s just something very suspicious about this company.

We need to recall their voting machines and replace them with ones that aren’t connected to either candidate! Or better said, that aren’t connected to Clinton as Trump doesn’t have any voting machine company donating money to him.

This is outrageous and we must do something about it. We must ask our representatives to act now and remove these devices.

Everyone know that a fair election means a victory for Trump, and we must let fair elections to happen! Clinton is aware that she can enter the White House ONLY by cheating, and honestly we doubt that she has ever done something legally and fair.

We must act NOW, we mustn’t allow a criminal like Hillary to become our next president! Share this story and contribute in making fair elections! We have the power to take down Hillary’s schemes for good and get Donald Trump elected!