It didn’t take long for President Trump’s overseas trip to have a significant impact on the Middle East. Just yesterday, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen severed diplomatic and commercial ties with Qatar, pointing to its continuous support for terrorist groups. President Trump, who made the cutting of terrorist funding the centerpiece of his trip to Saudi Arabia, was happy to share the success of these actions on social media.

“During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical Ideology,” President Trump said in a tweet this morning. “Leaders pointed to Qatar — look!”

Qatar has long been accused of funneling arms and money to radical groups in Syria, Libya and other Arab countries, making it a clear target for reform. The United States has previously avoided taking sides in the regional feuds of the Persian Gulf, but President Trump has finally taken the necessary steps to undo Qatar’s long history of radical terrorist groups.

“So good to see the Saudi Arabia visit with the King and 50 countries already paying off,” the President continued. “They said they would take a hard line on funding.”

President Trump finished with a message of hope, making it very clear that his work is far from finished.

“Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!”

And perhaps the mainstream media should spend more time covering our President’s successes. American voters are tired of reading slanderous rumors and unfounded gossip that solely paints our leader as the villain. President Trump is doing everything he said he would do and more. The fact that he’s taken such a commanding role in global terror shows exactly why he was elected to make these decisions. Just because our President’s words aren’t packaged as elitist liberal rhetoric doesn’t make them any less true.

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