According to the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, black communities should be police-free. She actually suggests that one of the most dangerous neighborhoods would be better off and safer without protection of the police department.

It seems like Alicia Garza, the co-founder of the movement simply doesn’t know when to stop with her crazy statements. The interview she did with Complex is simply ‘priceless’.

She hasn’t actually seen the videos of the shootings that happened in Tulsa, OK and Charlotte, NC, but she boldly claims that it was the cops’ fault.

“I’ve chosen not to[watch the videos]. I think we know what it looks like when somebody is murdered, said Garza.

Yes, because facts are totally irrelevant when you accuse of someone for such a gruesome act.

About the event in Charllote riots, when a black cop shot and killed an armed black man, she stated the following:

“The thing that people get so concerned about is how do we stop the violence in Charlotte, but yet we’re not thinking about the fact that there’s been violence in Charlotte since way before whatever is happening there has happened. The brother who was killed is a form of state violence. He was killed and the police will not release the video. The police are not taking accountability for the violence that they enact in our communities and yet there isn’t as much outrage about that as there is about some broken windows and lost property.”

But, a black protester shot and killed another random protester. Mobs of black people vigorously attacked innocent white people because of the color of their skin. This is more than broken windows and lost property and it’s based on yet another lie.

“How do we stop violence, looting, and riots? The way that we stop that is by making sure that people have the things that they need to thrive. When people are systematically denied their right to adequate housing, adequate schools, to adequate food, to dignity—this is a response and a reaction that we should absolutely expect,” Garza said.

And finally, she states the statement of the century – that black community would be better off without any police at all:

“Ultimately, policing in and of itself is problematic. I know that in this country we give a lot of veneration to police. In the ethos of this country, police can do no wrong. And if and when police do wrong, it’s a case of individual bad apples, as opposed to a corroded and corrupt system… Quite frankly, many of our [Black Lives Matter] members are continuing to investigate what it would mean to have police-free communities. I think what we’ve continued to see over time is that no moral appeal is actually stopping the deaths of black people, whether they be armed or unarmed,” said Garza.

Okay, let’s give this a try and count how many blacks are killed by other blacks from those problematic neighborhoods. She overlooks the fact the more blacks are killed in black gang fights than by the police. She ignores the fact that black people kill each other very day. But, if her movement wants it and if they ever manage to go through with it, then good luck.