President Donald Trump just cut $3 billion worth of Obama-era regulations, and Barack just has to be pissed off!

44’s legacy is nothing. He will never be remembered in a positive light.

The only thing Obama did for the U.S. in eight years was manage to make more people unemployed while stealing money from their pockets.

Now, Trump has swooped in at the nick of time.

Here’s the scoop, via Washington Examiner:

Nearly $3 billion in Obama-era federal regulations have already been slashed by President Trump and Republicans in Congress, a benefit that also saves Americans 41 million hours of paperwork.

A new report from the regulation watchdog American Action Forum said that Trump’s executive orders and congressional passage of cuts to regulation via the Congressional Review Act have saved $2.8 billion in potential costs.

Thank you, President Trump! Your leadership and dedication to America is something we desperately need in a time when liberalism is rampant.

These are the big league moves Trump promised as a candidate, and now he’s delivering on every promise he made to the American people.

Keep on slashing away! Make life easier for us, and you will be re-elected in 2020.

We need more of this!