Barack Obama was seen visiting Silicon Valley for a secret meeting with tech bosses. He met with Warren buffet as well. It was the Obama’s first visit to the Bay Area since he left office. According to NBC, Obama and Warren Buffet had lunch on Sunday.

In 2011, Obama gave Warren Buffet the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Liberals want the 44th President to spearhead a resistance against Trump.

That’s him right here.

What is Obama doing? It is not normal for a President to do this. He has stolen millions upon billions of dollars out of the government to fight a shadow war with our current President.


What is he planning? It’s not good. Not good at all. He is going to try and get our president impeached y’all. We can’t let him do it y’all.

Most of America doesn’t know that Obama stole $78 million for his friend. Yeah. That just came out today. You won’t see CNN report that.

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Lord keep our president safe in these dark times. Obama wants to take him down but we the people will not let him. (h/t Daily Mail)